When stepmoms sign up for The KICK-ASS Stepmom Project,  I am very upfront. I flat out tell them that completing the KICK-ASS Stepmom Project is NOT going to solve all their stepfamily problems. 

Upon completion of the program, their stepfamily stressors are not going to magically disappear. Co-Parenting will not automatically be seamless.

Communication will not automatically be healthy & positive.

They will not all of a sudden find themselves BFFs with their husband's ex-wife (well they may, but I make no guarantee) 

I tell them that achieving stepfamily bliss will take some work. You have to implement the tips and strategies outlined in the program on a consistent basis. Then all of a sudden, one day you'll realize there has been a HUGE shift in your stepfamily life. 

Before you get too excited, I also tell stepmoms that once they conquer one stepfamily stressor, there is a VERY good chance that will have NEW stepfamily stressors coming down the pipeline, so they better brace themselves. 

You see, like anything in life, stepfamily life comes with ebbs and flows. Periods of stepfamily bliss and well periods of chaos, stress, uncertainty, loss of control, confusion... do I have to go on? 

In fact I don't think you can ever really master the art of being a stepmom... just like with "real parenting" you just go with the flow and do the best you can with the hand that you're dealt. 

The stressors that I am dealing with now are very different than the stressors that I was dealing with when I first (nievely) decided to venture into the ever-so-complicated role of step-parenting.

From what I can see, we've got the co-parenting thing down pat right now. Systems have been put in place, a co-parenting plan has been created. There is a mutual respect.  It took a lot of work to get here but it feels pretty damn good!  

Sure there are disagreements. Sure things can get a little hairy here and there. But for the most part we've got a good thing going! Just in time for new stressors to come down MY pipeline!

When I first started this blog I made the commitment to myself that I would never air our dirty laundry online. Just because I choose to be transparent about my life, doesn't mean that those closest to me feel the same. 

But I'll just say this... when it comes to those tween/teenage years. They aren't kidding. The struggle is REAL! 

Only proving, that as you evolve and conquer areas that once were challenging, new challenges to conquer will always arise. 

That right there is way I am going through The KICK-ASS Stepmom Project material once again. 

You may be a bit confused.
You may be asking "didn't YOU create the program?"

Yes, yes I did. 

But I didn't just wake up one day, read some books, take a course and pull this content out of my ass. 

I lived it. 

The KICK-ASS Stepmom Project contains all the strategies that I used to start to thrive as a stepmom, back in the day where where I was ... well.... in over my head! (and deep)

[If you want to read the full story about the inspiration behind The KICK-ASS Stepmom Project click HERE!]

But I'll sum it up for you by telling you that I was consumed by my stepfamily stressors. I was struggling to figure out my role in a family that was created before I was even a thought. Healthy communication, division of responsibilities, co-parenting, custody access disputes. I couldn't shake the stress! 

The printables, tools, information and strategies in The KICK-ASS Stepmom Project helped me navigate my way through that tough time and put a system in place to help me thrive! And well... as I find these new stressors creeping into my thoughts and consuming my day more and more, it's time to do the work once again. 

THAT right there is my favourite thing about the project. It's not tailored to one persons specific situation, or a specific type of stepfamily stressor.  It can be completed over and over again, as new stressors evolve. The content is universal to everyone, even the person who created the program in the first place! 

If you're looking for some change in your stepfamily world, you should join me! We can connect in our Exclusive KICK-ASS Stepmom Project Facebook Group and support each other along the way! 

You can sign up by clicking HERE! Let's do this!