My true passion is providing fellow stepmoms with solution-focused support in this crazy beautiful yet somewhat isolating role of stepmotherhood! 

I truly believe that it’s possible to live a KICK-ASS life amongst the extra stressors that come with being a stepmom, and I want to show you how!

I always recommend that stepmoms consider starting with The KICK-ASS Stepmom Project or at least my eBook 101 Ways To Be A KICK-ASS Stepmom, before embarking on one-on-one coaching!

Not only does it have all my tips + strategies and personal stepmom lessons, but it’s the best value fo investment for you!

However, if you want to chat with me one-on-one, I’m happy to schedule a session.


You're going to love this individualized program.

It's perfect for stepmoms looking for specific support tailored to specific stepfamily stressors. But don’t expect this to be your typical coaching session, expert it to feel like you’re sitting and chatting wtih a girlfriend who’s been there… because as much as the tips and strategies are help, THAT’s what we really need! To know that someone get its!


Choose between the 1 Session Package and the 3 Session Package - with sessions scheduled when YOU need them!

Upon Registration, you'll receive a Pre-Session Questionnaire
You tell me exactly where you'd like to see change, and I'll tailor your our conversation according to your unique stepfamily dynamics.

Once you sign up you’ll be asked to schedule a time to chat. You’ll also be sent a link for the call and asked to fill our a Preliminary Questioniare. This questionnare allows me to learn about your family, your stepfamily stressors and what it is you’re hoping to achieve from our calls. This way, when we hop on the call, we can dive right in! The more detailed you can be, the better!

Video calls will be completed via Zoom Conferencing.

1 x One-on-One Session

* 1 50 minute Video Coaching Session
* Personalized Coaching & Support
* 1 two-way follow up email one week after package is completed

3x One-on-One Session

* 3x30-60 minute Video Coaching Sessions
* Personalized Coaching & Support
* A written summary of your sessions & recommendation

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